The Department of Architecture is one of the departments in the school of Environmental Studies. The programme took off in 1981 and offers National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, and Professional Diploma in Architecture The programme are designed to meet the present and future needs of our construction industry in developing economy like ours with attending challenges. The graduates of the department fit well into the middle and high level manpower need of the industry, both at private and public sectors of the economy.

The high request for our graduates despite the unemployment situation in the country is a clear testimony to the quality of our graduate students as they continue to excel in further academic pursuits and in the construction industry.

MISSION STATEMENT “To offer sound architectural education in the department and provide excellent professional services through consultancy and research to the college and the community as a whole."

PROGRAMMES: The school offers the following programmes on full time basis only: National Diploma Higher National Diploma Professional Diploma in Architecture

DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE The department occupies the ground floor in the New Environmental Studies Building. OFFICES SPACES, CLASSROOMS & STUDIOS

(a) H.O.Ds Office comprising of the following: Departmental office Secretarial Support Data Room ( in view) Exhibition Space ( in view) Store ?

(b) STAFF OFFICES: 12 Nos. Staff offices fairly furnished

(c) CLASSROOMS/STUDIOS: 4 Nos. Classrooms/Studios