The National Diploma (ND) programme in Estate Management was started in the 1982/83 academic session in the then Department of Architecture/Estate Management, under the headship of Arc. Desalu A. A. O. of blessed memory. It was not until the 1986/87 session that Estate Management became an autonomous department in the School of Environmental Studies. The department was headed briefly by Alhaji Muri Adi, a seasoned academician in 1987, shortly after the department became autonomous.


The Philosophy of the Estate Management programme is to inculcate the various competencies in the profession in our students as well as information technology, improved techniques of development, the mathematics, and the economics in order to maximize the benefits of ownership and management of landed properties, to both users and investors. It is the aim of the programme to enable every graduate optimize the use of land resources among competing claims, having regard to public good, fair share by current and potential owners of interest in land, and to facilitate economic development.

The Career prospect for Estate Management and Valuation students are available in the following fields: -

1. Estate Management Firms - Property Development Companies

2. Facility Management Firms

3. Government Ministries and Parastatals

4. Banks and Mortgage Firms

5. Oil Companies

6. Multinationals with housing provision for their staff.

7. Building Construction Firms

8. Law Firms - Educational Institutions.

Contact Information for the Department of Estate Management and Valuation is thus; Telephone: 08076392568,08033440631 Thank you.